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We all remember how much we enjoyed Baywatch when TV actually offered something else than reality shows. We all remember how we loved those blond milfs who ran around beaches, bouncing their epic boobs and sucking Hasselhoff. We just never saw them in some interracial bukkake scenes that would have made the show so much better. Well, today we got a milf with us, a milf that looks just like those hot bitches from the show. Jordan Blue is one mostly heavy modified milf, with gigantic fake boobs and a face that had some work done. And we love to test those augmentations with our big cocks. We should get some tax breaks for this public service we do. We gave Jordan a bunch of enormous black cocks just to see how she would handle them. And she handled them more than well; she made our interracial bukkake veterans blow their load sooner than usual. But their loads were so much bigger that it didn’t matter. Her worked-on face took those gallons of sperm very well, and this plastic surgeon gets our special Semen Seal of Approval.


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Jaelyn Fox is the perfect example of the kind of bitches we love to feature in our hot interracial bukkake movies. We love them when they’re this white. We love them when they have platinum hair and blue eyes, like the cheerleaders we always wanted to drench in hot cum in high school. And we like them when they’re dumb looking, just like Jaelyn. No disrespect to her and her mad sucking skills, but she looks like she doesn’t know her left from her right. But, the important thing is that she knows how to go down on guys, and that she enjoys it genuinely. She was so excited when she saw what we had in store for her, she got wet the moment she saw those huge, throbbing black dicks, all waiting for her to give them some fine sucking. And she did. She surely did. She sucked and tugged like a filthy girl she is. And interracial bukkake wouldn’t be what it is if our guys didn’t finish the scene off with a flood of sperm coming in Jaelyn’s direction. She could barely breathe, but she enjoyed it.


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Tatianna Kush is so pale that she really gives another meaning to interracial porn. It’s almost as if this scene was done in black and white. She is so pale, like she never saw the sun. And that makes our guys even hornier. The moment they laid their eyes on this creamy, raven-haired bitch they got rock-hard and whipped their huge dongs out for her to take care of. She was flattered by this and decided that it would be very rude not to give something back to those boys. She took those cocks in her soft hands and she started doing her thing. This young bitch is one hell of a little cocksucker. She sucked those boys off like she had been doing that for decades. And the things she did with her tongue, man, she drove our guys insane, and that is no easy task. She was constantly trying to fit more and more black meat in her mouth until she was almost unable to breathe. And after a while, our guys decided to give her some steamy interracial bukkake. They came almost simultaneously, hitting Tatianna with a tsunami of sperm.


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Sometimes the gods of interracial bukkake, Blackcockus and Whitefacus, look down on us and treat us with a real gift. A few days ago they treated us with this, an unexpected, super hot scene with a girl who just wandered in here. But, to tell it properly… Trina Michaels was on her way to the beach, with only a swimsuit on and no money, no nothing. As it all so often happens, her car broke down not far from our headquarters and fate, or providence led her to us to ask for help. Being real gentlemen, our guys helped Trina, but she couldn’t treat them to anything because she had no money. They checked her out quickly and said that something can be arranged. She knew what they meant and she was all up for it. She dropped down to her knees, popped out her great rack and started polishing the rods. She really had a workout before the beach; sucking and tugging those gigantic dicks until they were ready to cover her face with sticky cum. After wiping of tons of sperm from her face she was off. Unplanned interracial bukkake, now that’s something.


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Paris Gables is a girl who loves interracial bukkake. She always says that white boys just don’t have that much sperm. And she loves it when it pours. She is always happy to have some well-endowed black guys spray all over her pretty face. Interracial bukkake is one of her favorite things in porn and she shows it in this steaming hot scene where she is provided with 4 huge black dongs. She drops down on her needs and employs her full lips in some great sucking. The guys go insane over her fine, tight body with creamy, soft skin and their cocks get bigger and bigger. She takes care that no dick feels neglected and she pays the same attention to each of these Godzilla cocks. She tests herself by trying to fit as much meat down her throat as she can. And she can fit a lot. The dicks seem to disappear as they enter her mouth, she really swallows them. After a while, the guys can’t hold it anymore and they start glazing Paris. They cover her face completely in their hot jizz and she can barely breathe. A great interracial bukkake scene.


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When you deal in interracial bukkake porn, you need scenes like this, to break the monotony of all-American girls getting jazzed on. Olga is a filthy Russian girl who was travelling across the USA, finding out more about our customs and traditions. This is one tradition she will remember forever, interracial bukkake. Her best friend in our town is one of the girls we sometimes had over for glazing and she told Olga that she must try this, as it was something Russian white boys can’t give her. She was excited to see what our guys have to offer to her and when they took out their huge schlongs, she just stood there, speechles. And then, when we thought she was gonna run away, she dropped down to her knees and started giving our boys a hot Euro-style blowjob that is just a bit wilder and dirtier than your American bj. And when the boys started spraying all over her, she just got crazy, playing with their sperm, asking for more in her broken English, begging them to give her all they got. Our boys said they will always remember this little foreigner.


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